Our Studio

Our studio tackles every new project with the same passion as the last.  

We love small gardens and huge parklands, parklets and street designs, roof gardens and re-wilding concrete channels, green facades and green interiors. We love the fun projects that include furniture design or play spaces, we love designing spaces that make life better for old people or people with special needs.

We love helping to bring an environmentally sustainable future to reality, so offer LVIA capabilities to help make that happen.


As a small team everyone is involved in the design process, understanding the value of site analysis, consultation and a deep understanding of context and meaning.  

The enhancement of environmental outcomes is critical to our design process and staff are encouraged to learn and grow continually in their application of best practice.

Core Services
  • Landscape Architectural Design

  • Urban Design

  • Master Planning

  • Environmental Planning

  • Urban Frameworks and Design Standards

  • Visualisations

    LVIA (Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment)


2023 AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards

  • Play Spaces – Livvi’s Place Albert Park

  • ShadeSmart – Livvi’s Place Albert Park

2022 AILA NSW Landscape Architecture Awards

  • Cultural Heritage – Murrumburrah Precinct Plan

  • Cultural Heritage – The Springs Heritage Landscape Plan

  • Tourism – Coonamble Shire Masterplan

  • Regional Achievement – Coonamble Shire Masterplan


sala4D is an approved contractor of Local Government Procurement.

Celia Baxter

  • Registered Landscape Architect
    Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

  • Chartered Landscape Architect
    Landscape Institute, UK

  • IAP2 Australasia (International Association for Public Participation)
    Certificate of Engagement

Shahreen Alford

  • Registered Landscape Architect
    Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Shahreen (Shah) Alford
Managing Director
Celia Baxter
Xinpei Song
Graduate Landscape Architect
Ali Gaunt
Landscape Architect

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